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August 18, 2015
It's been a wild couple of weeks. We have now rented all but one of the apartments. If you know someone who would like to snag the last apartment, now is the time.
It's apartment 6 and there are images of it on this web site from the home page.


July 28 2015
We had a great open house last night, with about 30 people stopping by, maybe more.  We have now rented all but 3 apartments, but, 3 of the best are left!

A beautiful 3rd floor apartment (11) with a large kitchen, unique roof lines, big bathroom, and lots of cubby holes.  A second floor front apartment (6) with a beautiful fireplace, and a first floor apartment  (4) with a generous floor plan and large bath and bedroom.

We signed our first leases today and will welcome our first move-ins this Saturday.

We are holding a second open house Thursday and there will be cake!
JULY 27, 2015

July 14 2015
What an exciting few days it's been!  We now have 5 of our apartments spoken for already! 

We have had two people visit the building and put down deposits, and 2 people are sending deposits sight unseen (smart!)  One person is viewing tomorrow, and expecting to put down a deposit.

YOU can get in early too...just send an application and application fee and we can set an appointment. 

An Open House has been scheduled for the 27th at 5:30-7:30 pm  Come see the building.

Again, for advance showings fill out an application this week. Advance showings will stop on Thursday the 23rd.
JULY 30, 2015

July 8 2015

Our first draft web site material is loaded and has been sent out to our 72 people on our initial waiting list.  4 people have already sent deposits and 2 have picked out the apartments they think they want.

Each day we are getting closer and closer to our target of opening the building.

It's so much fun to see it take shape!

On the right is a look back at where we started!