One-Bedroom Apartment 2
28 Lafayette NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

$1100 per month, 1 year lease required

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These photos and video are taken as the building is still under construction.

This apartment is on the first floor of the building in the front, with windows facing north and west.

It has a large living room with beautiful floor to ceiling windows, an open galley kitchen,  bedroom with custom closet and  bath with tub. Kitchen appliances are stove, fridge,  microwave, dishwasher. Other features are: vintage ornamental fireplace, blinds, Brazilian Chestnut wood floor, granite counter tops in bath and kitchen, top quality kitchen cabinets, tile floor in bath.

  Two  stunning floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room face west.  Two windows on either side of the fireplace face north. A window in the hallway faces north and two in the bedroom face north.   

Approximate measurements are bedroom: 8 x 10 and living room 15 x 15.

***Note, the floor plan is a sketch, it is not to scale, measurements are approximate and not taken for the entire space, but for spaces identified only.  The sketch is give you an idea of the layout, not of the measurements or size. Consult pictures and video to help give an overall feel for the space.


Video of Apartment 2

Window in living room


View of kitchen
Floor Plan is a sketch, and approximate in scale and measurement, not to be taken as absolute but more to see the general layout of the space

Bedroom windows

Closet in bedroom